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  • tawi-fresh

    Tawi Fresh

    Tawi Fresh provides a B2B Digital Marketplace that directly connects farmers...

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  • the-mediae-company

    The Mediae Company

    Founded in 1997, Mediae is a small social enterprise that’s committed to...

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  • thrive-agric

    Thrive Agric

    ThriveAgric is a fast-growing agricultural technology company founded in 2017...

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  • vaya-digital-farmer-ecocash-holdings

    Vaya Digital Farmer (EcoCas...

    Vaya Digital Farmer is a SBU under EcoCash Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. VDF aims to...

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  • verdure-climate-limited

    Verdure Climate Limited

    Verdure is a climate-tech company offering climate risk and Decarbonization...

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  • vetsark


    With Vetsark you get a single-digit agric loan to grow your farm or...

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  • wi-agri


    Wi-Agri is an agritech / digital platform offering through a single channel...

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  • world-food-programme

    World Food Programme

    The World Food Programme is the world's largest humanitarian organization...

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  • youth-and-women-for-opportunities-uganda-ywou

    Youth and Women for Opportu...

    YWOU is a non-profit organization that was established in 2014 with the goal...

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  • ypard-kenya

    YPARD Kenya

    The Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD) is an...

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  • zowasel


    Zowasel is building sustainable value chain across communities, people and...

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