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  • digital-green

    Digital Green

    Digital Green is a global agricultural development organization that is...

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  • digital-mobile-africa

    Digital Mobile Africa

    DMA Limited is an Agtech company established in 2018 in Tanzania, with its...

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  • equity-group-foundation

    Equity Group Foundation

    Equity Group Foundation is a non-profit implementing foundation set up in...

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  • ethiopian-ata

    Ethiopian ATI

    The ATI is a strategy and delivery-oriented government agency created to help...

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  • evuna


    eVuna is a digital platform that improves farm productivity through GAP...

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  • extension-africa

    Extension Africa

    Extension Africa is a research-based ag-tech platform, committed to creating...

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  • farmbetter


    Working with smallholder farmers in developing countries to harness the power...

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  • farmshine


    Farmshine is an agriculture platform where farmers, buyers and service...

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  • farm-to-market-alliance

    Farm to Market Alliance

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  • fevick-resources-ltd

    Fevick Resources Ltd

    Fevick Resources is an Agri-Solution and Specialist Company that provides...

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  • flour-mills-of-nigeria-plc

    Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc

    A food and Agro allied Business Company

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  • fspn-africa

    FSPN Africa

    The mission of FSPN Africa is to improve food production through best...

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  • ftma


    Farm to Market Alliance is a global consortium of public and private...

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  • global-capacity-building-center

    Global capacity building center

    Global capacity building center (GCBC) is a community based organization that...

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  • good-nature-agro

    Good Nature Agro

    Good Nature Agro is a legume seed and commodity social enterprise based out...

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  • gsmaa


    The GSMA is a global organization unifying the mobile ecosystem to discover,...

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  • hello-tractor

    Hello Tractor

    Hello Tractor aims to connect tractor owners and smallholder farmers in need...

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  • international-climate-change-development-initiative

    International Climate Chang...

    International Climate Change Development Initiative (ICCDI) is a...

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  • international-potato-centre-cip

    International Potato Center (CIP)

    CIP is a CGIAR research center. It delivers innovative science-based...

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  • irrihub


    Irri-Hub Ke leverages technology to provide small holder farmers with climate...

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