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  • juhudi-kilimo

    Juhudi Kilimo

    Our journey began in 2004 as an agribusiness initiative under the K-rep...

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  • justdiggit


    In our projects, we work closely with communities and local partners to...

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  • kalro


    The Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization(KALRO) is a...

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  • kwf-development-bank

    KWF development Bank

    KWF aims at building up functioning infrastructure, alleviating poverty and...

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  • kwikbasket


    KwikBasket is an agritech based ecommerce platform solving the problem of...

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  • kyosk-digital-services

    Kyosk Digital Services

    A home that provides a seamless and direct link between suppliers,...

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  • lendxs-bv

    LendXS BV

    LendXS is the fintech platform of Financial Access Consulting Services (FACS)

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  • ministry-of-agriculture-ethiopia

    Ministry of Agriculture Ethiopia

    The Ministry of Agriculture is the Ethiopian government department which...

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  • ministry-of-agriculture-tanzania

    Ministry of Agriculture Tanzania

    The mission of the ministry of agriculture in Tanzania is to deliver quality...

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  • m-shamba


    M-SHAMBA digital platform supports digital learning on agronomy, climate...

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  • mzizi


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  • nkg


    As a globally operating green coffee service group, we work devotedly for and...

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  • open-capital-advisors

    Open Capital Advisors

    Management consulting and financial advisory firm

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  • pavillah-agricultural-services

    Pavillah Agricultural Services

    We're a primary producers of both cash and food crops. We do farmers...

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  • paygops


    Created as a result of Solaris Offgrid's first-hand-experience with last-mile...

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  • pfa


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  • precision-development

    Precision Development Ethiopia

    Precision Development (PxD) is a global non-profit organization that...

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  • precision-development-kenya

    Precision Development Kenya

    Precision Development is a global non-profit organization that harnesses...

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  • producer-s-direct

    Producer's Direct

    Producers Direct is an enterprise led by farmers for farmers. They provide...

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  • pula


    Pula is an agricultural insurance and technology company that designs and...

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